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YouthTube Entrepreneur Camp

Empowering Youth to utilize Youtube to brand and market their gift/talent on YouTube as a business.

Hosted by Entrepreneur Empowerment Foundation

The Details

The "Mini" Inspirationalist is leading her first session to inspire other youth to YouTube on Purpose!

Program is only $35 for the day!  *Plus a $15 One Time Registration Fee. Each student must have a device to use while taking the class. A mini tripod is encouraged but not required. Please set parental guidelines if you have things you won't your child accessing. A signed consent is required.

Our Schedule

YouthTube Entrepreneur Camp Outline

Saturday Session 1: 8am - 11 am

What talent or message do you want to share? In this class we will talk about the vision each student has for themselves. What is their gift or message that they want to be known for? Each student will not only gain clarity about their personal goal, but create a vision board that aligns with their idea! They will also present their vision before their peers to encourage confidence in speaking and presenting.

Lunch: 11 - 11:30

Saturday Session 2: 11:30am - 12:30pm

YouTube Basics - In this class we will talk about Social Media Safety, go through how to work Youtube and it's features: how to post from their device, and how to upload their videos. We will also discuss the value of being an individual and discourage the participants from negative comparisons while admiring other YouTube peers. The goal is the build the confidence of the youth and educate them on how to receive inspiration from others and not intimidation. There will be a review of the information that is learned to ensure each student understands how to use YouTube as a resource for business.

Saturday Session 3: 12:30 - 4 pm

Simple selfies, quick pics and videos - In this class, the students will learn how to capture great photos and video to build their social profile and how to create content. We will begin photo/video editing, learning about lighting and filters.



YouthTube Entrepreneur Camp

Mar 23rd, 2019 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

6730 E McDowell Rd, Ste 120, Scottsdale, AZ 85257, USA

Movers & Shakers of YouthTube Entrepreneur Camp!


Jasmin Colter

The "Mini" Inspirationalist

The Class Facilitator


Aqueela Maddox

The Inspirationalist

Co - Facilitator


Nadjege Casimir

Founder of The Entrepreneur Empowerment Foundation

Visionary and Host!