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Inspiring you to grow in Life, Love & Business by enhancing your Perspective!

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Everyone has a currency that they deal in...some people are motivated by money, some by the amount of people that know their name... My currency is IMPACT - the lives I’m allowed the opportunity to change.
— Aqueela Maddox

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All Work and No Play?? B O R I N G!! We are mixing business with pleasure as we embark upon an adventure to various international locations! Leaders and Entrepreneurs from all over are coming together to receive information, inspiration and a vacation!!! I am serving those who serve others! Come! Take a load off! You deserve it! #Bosscation

I felt that the content and overall event was exceptional. It was full of relatable
items that speak to my development both at and outside of work. I loved that she was very
genuine and made it quite interactive to keep everyone’s interest.
Loved it end-to-end.
— Anonymous - American Express Attendee
I reflected after much anger. You pissed me off in a what’s best for me way. This marriage
thing is hard. But I decided I’m in until death do us part and I will continue to focus on myself.
I will continue to focus on God as being my source. And focus on emotional healing from my source. Because PEOPLE FAIL YOU BUT GOD IS NEVER FAILING. And the only way for me to remain mentally stable is to
let people do what they do and PUT MY FOCUS, HOPE AND TRUST IN GOD. I’m not
in focusing on people who FAIL YOU. I’m gonna focus on God and myself.
— Traci R. - age 39, Georgia - Client
To meet someone who truly inspires is rare. You have a way of communicating about relationships that just makes sense, if you slow down long enough to truly listen. What you have shared with me about recognizing my power in relationships has changed the way I interact with the most important people in my life. From my son, to my grandchildren, to my partner, I realize that, as a woman, my back is strong. I have the power and strength to nurture, to guide and to support. And, once I accepted that power and strength as a blessing and not a burden, it lifted such a weight from my heart. And for that, I am thankful.
— Cynthia C. - age 49, Arizona - Client
Aqueela brought a lot of energy to the
speaker series. She was very candid and a
lot of her comments resonated with me on a
personal and professional level. I will be
reaching out to Aqueela to gain additional
perspective on personal and professional topics.
— Anonymous - American Express Attendee
All of us at FIBCO Family Services send a huge
THANK YOU to the beautiful and gifted Aqueela Maddox, The Inspirationalist
for her powerful at our FIBCO Empowerment Workshop: Creating Abundance!
She is dedicated to inspiring growth in all you do and she sowed
into the lives of all in attendance yesterday.
— FIBCO Family Services - Arizona - Event Host
I had not idea what I was getting my self into...I was looking for a counselor for my husband and I. Then I was referred to you and pleasantly surprised. You were not only able to help me in relationship with my mate, but my confidence in myself. I didn’t realize how much I needed someone to listen, to understand and to guide me until we spoke. You aren’t what I imagined, but surely what I needed. We needed. My whole family and my business has benefited from my changes.
— Chrissy W. - age 42, Minnesota - Client
I want to thank you for helping me shed the layers... for the first time in a long time
I feel tears of joy welling in my eyes and you play a big part in that even though it might seem
like I don’t listen lol. I promise you.. I do. I just feel this calm.. like God took ALL the worry away.
— Jessica V. - age 32, Nevada - Client